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Combining vendor recommendations with custom optimisation rules, quickly and easily identify ways to save on cloud costs.


Optimisations, unified

Saving money on the cloud can be hard, even harder if you are in a multi-cloud environment. Cloud Ctrl's recommendations are a way to view available optimisations from your cloud vendors alongside our own recommendations in one simple screen. 

2022-09-23 11_51_08-27 Recommendations - CloudCtrl.png
2022-09-23 11_54_29-Finance Dashboard - CloudCtrl.png

One simple figure

All the available savings, across all your vendors, across any currency.


Be kept up to date with how much could be saved with a single amount, on the dashboard, and in your inbox.


Tweak them your way

Modify recommendations to work with your own thresholds or disable rules that do not apply.

2022-09-23 12_00_57-27 Recommendations - CloudCtrl.png
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