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Simplify cloud costs for everyone

Get better value from your cloud vendors and provide visibility to everyone who needs it.

Fast insights

Get connected in minutes and have access to spend details, anomalies, projections and trends.

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Machine learning forecasts

Get projected spend at all levels, all accounts, subscriptions and even individual resources. Have confidence to know where spend is headed.


Aggregating vendor recommendations with custom optimisations across clouds. Easily see how much you could be saving.

Spend alerts

Get notified as soon as we project your spend is going to exceed any limits you have set or whenever we see a spike in spend.

Connect everything

Get visibility for your cloud vendors using the provided connectors,

connect any other data using the custom data connection.

Access details for all programs incl. sponsorships.
GoogleCloud square.png
Google Cloud
Report by project, label and service.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
View and report all costs for OCI for you and your customers.
aws square.png
Leverage additional insights and resource level details.
Alibaba Cloud
View all spend by account and resource.
Custom Data
Integrate your own data, like IP telephony, management services or data centre charges.

Control costs without tags

Cloud Ctrl actions allow the allocation of costs no matter if your tagging strategy is polished perfection or missing in action.

2022-09-20 09_57_39-Actions - CloudCtrl.png

Featured posts

Empowering MSPs

Cloud Ctrl gives service providers the tools that they need to manage customer spend for public and hybrid cloud, and offers visibility for almost any other managed service. Cloud Ctrl can be white labelled to fully support you as a partner.

Customer management

See high level customer spend metrics and recommendations, know how your margin and profit is tracking. Give customers access to their data at their prices.

Custom data feeds

Enhance your dataset to include services like telephony, energy or internet. Price, tag and manipulate the data with actions and share it with your customers.

Multi-currency & FX rates

Operating in more than one jurisdictions is tough, especially when you add currency into the mix. Use Cloud Ctrl's currency features to make it easier.

Escape the spreadsheets and get your time back.

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