Cost Visibility

Get accurate and timely cloud spend data from each of your vendors and visualise it on easy to use dashboards and reports. Build trust within your organisation by giving access to view and manage spend relevant to each individual.

The ability to precisely and proportionately map each element of cloud spend to a part of your organisation or customers will enable an unprecedented understanding of your cloud economics.

Cost sharing

Map all consumption to the teams that use it and see exactly where your spend goes.

Spend limits

Set monthly spend limits to help your organisation stay on budget

Spend forecasts

Expose spending trends and gain insights from spend projections

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Cost Optimisation

Receive recommendations for how to reduce your cloud costs across all the major cloud vendors with estimates on the impact of every recommended change. Our custom recommendations leverage the knowledge that our team have gained working on cloud systems and with our customers so you can learn from our mistakes.

Find under-utilised or idle resources

With Cloud Ctrl you no longer need to review your workloads manually to find idle resources or resources which are underutilized.


Vendor specific recommendations

There are many cloud vendor specific optimizations and we're constantly adding more.


Configure recommendations

Not all workloads are the same. Configure recommendations to best match your unique workload requirements.

From our SixPivot team

We build on the cloud for the cloud and have learned a lot of lessons. Cloud Ctrl is the cheat sheet for cloud optimisation.