Insights into Cloud Ctrl features- Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics Engine

Cloud Ctrl has an advanced machine learning engine and has proven 95% predictive accuracy that continually increases over time. Our predictive model is continually updated, in real-time, based on data from hundreds of customers, and thousands of service instances across our cloud providers- AWS, Azure, Google and IBM. Our predictive analytics and machine learning is unique to Cloud Ctrl, other billing cost management platforms are yet to incorporate machine learning and provide true predictive analysis.

Insights into Cloud Ctrl features- AUDITING

The Cloud Ctrl auditing feature was specifically inbuilt to meet the needs of our government customers. By establishing a connection between Cloud Ctrl and Azure Resource Manager, you unlock additional features within Cloud Ctrl such as Auditing. There are a number audit features including the ability for users to correlate changes with the graphs and charts on the UI interactively. You can pinpoint exactly what event caused a change in cost (up or down), and who made changes as an example.

Public preview of the Cloud Ctrl API

We are pleased to announce the public preview of the Cloud Ctrl API.

You can now get the primary functions of Cloud Ctrl for programmatic access through a RESTful API: functions such as configuring integrations, querying multi-cloud usage, and creating custom events.

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