2016 year of the cloud: lack of expertise dethrones security as the biggest predicted challenge for business

What do Gartner, IDC and Clutch have in common? They all predicted that the cloud would become the centre of attention in 2016. Analyst house Gartner forecasts that the global public cloud services market is likely to reach $204 billion in value by the end on 2016, while a survey conducted by research firm Clutch shows that roughly 90 percent of enterprises intend to increase or at least maintain spending on cloud computing this year.

Last year security was the top cloud challenges, this year it was dethroned by the lack of resources or expertise -26 percent of respondents noted that cloud cost management is a significant challenge, but 32 percent said the lack of resources or expertise was by far the biggest challenge. Gartner, Inc. has predicted that the global public cloud services market will increase by 16.5 percent this year to total $204 billion.

The analyst house believes that cloud system infrastructure services will bring the highest growth, namely 38.4 percent while cloud advertising is expected to increase by 13.6 percent to hit $90.3 billion -the latter is the biggest segment of the worldwide cloud services market. Businesses continue to dip their toes into cloud services and operations, according to IDC, their January report revealed that global spending on public cloud services is likely to increase at a 19.4 percent compound annual growth rate.

Source: http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3188817; https://clutch.co/cloud#survey

In 2015, there were an estimated 18 million cloud computing jobs globally, according to WANTED Analytics http://www.cloudcomputing-news.net/news/2016/feb/16/top-five-demand-cloud-skills-2016/

I don’t need to tell you the growth in the adoption of cloud is here to stay. In Australia, some sectors may have been slower at adoption than others, but here at SixPivot, we certainly see the uptake with our partners and customers.

Many are just starting their cloud journey, but we have seen a marked increase even in the first few months of 2016. As such, many organisations are facing challenges in attracting and retaining people with the right skills to help them on their cloud journey.

Our business model is to assist our customers to gain skills in house; we develop deep partnerships to help build your internal teams and to provide you outcomes and expertise regardless where you are in your cloud journey.Are you one of the 26% of respondents who cite cloud cost management as one of their significant challenges. Trial Cloud Ctrl for free and remove that challenge today, easily get your cloud costs under control.

SixPivot is cloud first innovators, and we are here to help enable you to do great things. Get in touch faith.rees@sixpivot.com.auor sign up for your free Cloud Ctrl trial www.cloudctrl.com.au

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