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Want to sell your ICT service or product to Qld Government?

I meet with a lot of Queensland businesses each day who are building awesome software products or provide awesome ICT services and I continue to get the same questions about how they sell into government. So I’ve decided to create a series of posts that explain the mechanics.

First and foremost you need QAssure accreditation. Via my role as the Chair of IT Queensland (we are currently merging IT Queensland into CCIQ) I am also on the QAssure committee. GITC is your next step and I’ll cover that in my next post.

QAssure is an online registration system that provides vendors with a unique number that ensures they are accredited and pre-qualified as a supplier for State Government ICT contracts. QAssure enables you to get the basics out of the way when dealing with government. QAssure asks for information in terms of your trading history and solvency as an organisations and things like worker compensations and indemnity insurance cover etc. It ultimately tells government that from a general operational, financial and insurance perspective you have things covered. It also means that you should not have to provide this information when tendering or supplying quotes to government as your QAssure number tells government procurement that you have the relevant cover and financial trading history.

There is a cost for QAssure accreditation which is currently $396 inc GST

If you are an information and communications technology (ICT) supplier and want to sell to government through the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) Framework you must:

hold industry accreditation (QAssure certification ( ))
be accredited under GITC ( ).
You can find more information here and here

QAssure FAQs here

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