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Part 2: Want to sell your ICT service or product to Qld Government?


Following on from my first post the next step after gaining your QAssure number is to gain Government Information Technology Contracting Framework (GITC) accreditation.

If you are an information and communications technology (ICT) supplier and want to sell to the Queensland Government through the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) Framework you must:

hold industry accreditation (QAssure certification)
be accredited under GITC.
Why do you need GITC?

GITC accreditation is an agreement by suppliers to use the GITC Framework terms and conditions. This process is managed by the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation. GITC Framework is a standard set of contractual terms and conditions, which need to be agreed to before you deal with government. You can find more info here and all documents can be found here, including FAQs etc for GITC

Do you actually need GITC?

Most procurement people in Qld Government will insist that you have GITC (and also QAssure as you now need a QAssure number before you can gain GITC) and it does make dealing with government much, much easier.

However there are some exceptions to the GITC contract and an agency can elect to use a non-GITC contract, I do you warn you that this is a difficult path to go down as depending on who you are speaking with in a department they may not be familiar with this and I suggest you refer them to the link I have included and please make sure you meet the criteria before pushing the non GITC path. The non-GITC General Contract Conditions template ( see Policy Requirement point 2) is a simplified means by which to engage in the provision of low risk services for ICT contracts up to $1 million. The General Contract Conditions template is available on the Department of Housing and Public Works website and its use is at the discretion of the department themselves. Please note though if they are procuring off an existing Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) the agreed SOA Conditions and Customer Contract Template must be used.

My next post on this subject will discuss how SME’s can best sell their ICT services and products to Queensland Government. Did you know all agencies must apply the ICT SME Participation Scheme when procuring ICT products and services?

Also a quick note, Queensland Government are currently reviewing the GITC framework to try and make dealing with government easier. If you are interested in the review you can see more information or if you are a member of an ICT association such as IT Queensland (merging into CCIQ), AIIA, ACS to name a few then I suggest contacting your association also.

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