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Cloud Ctrl announces reseller program: manage, monitor and analyse your cloud

Cloud Ctrl is a multi-cloud service management platform, providing customers with informative insights and financial control of their cloud subscriptions. Help your customers cloud transformation by either providing a managed service where you can manage billing, insights and forecasting on their behalf or provide Cloud Ctrl to your customers directly.

This enables organisation’s to monitor and manage hosted services across a range of providers. Focused on helping users to build and manage successful cloud implementations.

Cloud Ctrl also lets users easily differentiate subscriptions, services, resources and their locations on the dashboard. Custom tagging allows for easy grouping and filtering in views.

We tackled the issues of visibility, a single dashboard for cloud service provider management and the ability to bill across teams or business units first as these were the biggest problems customers have today. Cloud Ctrl has a unique solution for billing and as well as providing a brokering service, customers can actually bring their own Enterprise Agreements, they do not have to purchase their cloud services via Cloud Ctrl, it is a true management platform.

This also means the comparison across cloud providers actually uses your customer’s real “price” data.”
Here at Cloud Ctrl we have an aggressive roadmap which we will deliver on over the next 6 months which will see more than 15 providers added into the platform, the ability for customers to be able provision service and switch these services automatically between cloud providers, and a one of a kind “real time” multi-cloud auditing system.We want you to be part of our journey….contact us today to find out how. and enter Reseller Partner in the subject line.

Our value add:

  • One place to Manage, Monitor, Analyse and Switch Cloud Resources
  • Auditable, usage-based cloud billing for multi-tenant environments
  • Self-service cloud financial portal
  • Easy installation, rapid setup, and a light footprint- you and your customers can be up and running in under 5 minutes

Benefits to you:

  • A competitive advantage with an industry-leading cloud financial management solution
  • Meet RFP requirements for chargeback and cloud billing
  • Distributor and LAR relationships to assist with licensing
  • Strong Vendor Relationships
  • Deliver a true managed service to your customers
  • Quick install and free trial periods for your customers
  • Initial training and Best Practice Workshop
  • Tiered Program Bronze, Silver and Gold based on re-sell rates
  • An experienced vendor/ alliance manager
  • *Logo and internal rights useage
  • *Working with you to wrap services around Cloud Ctrl for your customers
  • *Joint Marketing Campaigns
  • Note: Points marked with a * are subject to your partner Tier

For more information:

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Price Explorer, truly explore the cloud and minimise your spend

Price Explorer enables cloud customers to chart their cloud journey before they spend a cent – explore the possibilities and MINIMISE their CONSUMPTION spend!

Cloud Ctrl continue to listen to their customers providing them with a technology platform that enables them to manage, monitor, analyse and switch their cloud resources! The latest feature release is called Price Explorer.

Price Explorer enables customers to model workload or service costs based on a user defined and populated template, on a single provider or multiple cloud providers.

Users can view cost increases by specific workload or compare templates defined between a single provider or multiple providers to review the real cost impact of implementing or changing a services specification. In the coming weeks, Cloud Ctrl will also extend price explorer to include the ability to download your Cloud Providers price books along with adding in additional services and providers to the platform.

In the coming weeks Cloud Ctrl will also extend price explorer to include the ability to download your Cloud Providers price books along with adding in additional services and providers to the platform.

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Microsoft Donates $1billion in cloud computing to NFP

Well done Microsoft donating a $1 billion in cloud computing resources over the next 3 years to 70,000 non-profits and NGOs. SixPivot will have an exciting announcement on how we plan to help Australian based charities in line with initiatives such as this from some of the world’s largest vendors- we might not be able to commit at the same level as Microsoft but we will certainly do what we can – stay tuned!

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Government Move to Cloud

There is no doubt that government is moving to cloud services what we see today is just the beginning of an evolutionary shift. The Australian Commonwealth “spends about AU$5 billion per year on IT, so spending AU$30 million on cloud computing is only a start”. For those building products who still believe that government is reluctant to embrace the cloud and SaaS evolution think again!

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Can you Verify your Cloud Decision?

The ability for CIOs to be able to verify adopting a cloud strategy is a major trend in 2016. “If a prime lure of cloud technology strategies is cost reduction and efficient resource utilization, then CIOs must be able to verify that they’re getting those benefits. Cloud analytics solutions that allow for digging into both usage and billing data will give IT leaders the power to quickly spot potentially costly services and prevent budget overruns.. all from mobile.” Cloud Ctrl can provide you with all the analytics, usage, billing data and forecasting you need.

2016 year of the cloud: lack of expertise dethrones security as the biggest predicted challenge for business

What do Gartner, IDC and Clutch have in common? They all predicted that the cloud would become the centre of attention in 2016. Analyst house Gartner forecasts that the global public cloud services market is likely to reach $204 billion in value by the end on 2016, while a survey conducted by research firm Clutch shows that roughly 90 percent of enterprises intend to increase or at least maintain spending on cloud computing this year.

Last year security was the top cloud challenges, this year it was dethroned by the lack of resources or expertise -26 percent of respondents noted that cloud cost management is a significant challenge, but 32 percent said the lack of resources or expertise was by far the biggest challenge. Gartner, Inc. has predicted that the global public cloud services market will increase by 16.5 percent this year to total $204 billion.

The analyst house believes that cloud system infrastructure services will bring the highest growth, namely 38.4 percent while cloud advertising is expected to increase by 13.6 percent to hit $90.3 billion -the latter is the biggest segment of the worldwide cloud services market. Businesses continue to dip their toes into cloud services and operations, according to IDC, their January report revealed that global spending on public cloud services is likely to increase at a 19.4 percent compound annual growth rate.


In 2015, there were an estimated 18 million cloud computing jobs globally, according to WANTED Analytics

I don’t need to tell you the growth in the adoption of cloud is here to stay. In Australia, some sectors may have been slower at adoption than others, but here at SixPivot, we certainly see the uptake with our partners and customers.

Many are just starting their cloud journey, but we have seen a marked increase even in the first few months of 2016. As such, many organisations are facing challenges in attracting and retaining people with the right skills to help them on their cloud journey.

Our business model is to assist our customers to gain skills in house; we develop deep partnerships to help build your internal teams and to provide you outcomes and expertise regardless where you are in your cloud journey.Are you one of the 26% of respondents who cite cloud cost management as one of their significant challenges. Trial Cloud Ctrl for free and remove that challenge today, easily get your cloud costs under control.

SixPivot is cloud first innovators, and we are here to help enable you to do great things. Get in touch sign up for your free Cloud Ctrl trial

CloudCtrl SixPivot Innovation Awards Moreton Bay

Innovation on your doorstep

Thank you so much to Anthony Dow who invited me along on behalf of Regional Development Moreton Bay to the 2016 Moreton Bay Innovation Awards Gala dinner. I am constantly amazed by the innovation on our doorstep that we never knew existed, real people getting on and just doing it! The awards were a fantastic showcase of local Queensland innovation with many who are exporting internationally, you can check out the winners and some of the award entrants the video case studies are fantastic.

The Hon. Wyatt Roy, Federal Member for Longman and Assistant Minister for Innovation attended as did the Hon. Leanne  Enoch, MP for Algester and Qld Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business as well as a whole host of others. It was great to see such support for true innovation in our communities by all levels and sides of government.  Wyatt Roy’s passion and enthusiasm for innovation and truly trying to move policy forward to embrace the future to enable innovation and those seeking to make a difference in our world in regards to sustainability and jobs growth was undeniable.

Some of my favourites were:

  • Defenda Tag who won the Sesame Lane/ Think 2 Be Foundation Emerging Innovation- Defenda Tag game was originally designed by Kung Fu Master Aaron Turnbull to best prepare children for real self-defence scenarios.
  • The New Eye Company who won the Telstra Established Innovation of the year award (and they’ve just returned from being on Shark Tank). They’ve created a clip in prescription lense that can be put into their own range or other safety glasses that are inexpensive compared to traditional script safety glasses.
  • And one of the finalists Northern Light Technologies (NLT) were the first company in the world to introduce Wi-Fi networks to underground coal mines with some of the largest mining companies globally still relying on and using their technology. They are best known for their cap lamp technology.

There were so many others doing outstanding things and seeing significant growth. The thing I love most about nearly all of these innovators is they are dedicated to supporting jobs, production and manufacturing within their region as much as possible. They are leading examples of great innovation and that you can literally scale your business from anywhere and take on the world. Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners and I encourage anyone reading this post to checkout their stories on the facebook page. And if you get an opportunity to attend something similar in your local region- do so, you will be amazed at the talented people who surround you every day.

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Part 3: Want to sell your ICT Product or Service to Queensland Government? but I’m a SME!

So you are a SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) and think it’s impossible to sell your ICT service or product to Queensland Government? Think again!

Did you know all agencies must apply the ICT SME Participation Scheme when procuring ICT products and services? The Queensland Government introduced the scheme a few years ago to help more SMEs supply ICT to government agencies.

SMEs are classified as businesses employing fewer than 200 people and includes micro-businesses with less than 5 employees. For those big guys who think “oh but in Australia or in Queensland we don’t have that many staff”, unfortunately that argument will get you nowhere. Your parent and associated companies combined must be under 200 people. Small is the new niche people (to steal from Seth Godin

The ICT SME participation scheme ensures the following:

  • the Queensland Government can directly engage SMEs to provide innovative solutions worth up to $500,000 (including GST) that demonstrate value for Queensland in addressing government priorities.
  • when approaching the market informally and obtaining at lest 2 quotes then one must be from an SME and if obtaining 3 quotes then 2 must be from SMEs
  • when approaching the market formally, (government are required to advertise all formal tenders on the QTenders website and ensure they include the relevant SME tender clauses (PDF, 11KB)). During offer evaluation, government must allocate 10% of the 100% total evaluation criteria for the purpose of weighting SMEs vs non SMEs and at least one SME responding to an ICT tender and capable of delivering will automatically be short listed in the evaluation of ICT offers.

As a general rule the following applies in a non tender situation under the $500k (*note this may be subject to change):


Who said it pays to be BIG? Don’t believe me check it out yourself: Contact ICT Strategic Sourcing on +61 7 3719 7695 or or for more information on the above you can go to

If anyone has other procurement related or how to sell to government questions, I’m happy to try and answer them for you, just ask.

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Part 2: Want to sell your ICT service or product to Qld Government?


Following on from my first post the next step after gaining your QAssure number is to gain Government Information Technology Contracting Framework (GITC) accreditation.

If you are an information and communications technology (ICT) supplier and want to sell to the Queensland Government through the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) Framework you must:

hold industry accreditation (QAssure certification)
be accredited under GITC.
Why do you need GITC?

GITC accreditation is an agreement by suppliers to use the GITC Framework terms and conditions. This process is managed by the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation. GITC Framework is a standard set of contractual terms and conditions, which need to be agreed to before you deal with government. You can find more info here and all documents can be found here, including FAQs etc for GITC

Do you actually need GITC?

Most procurement people in Qld Government will insist that you have GITC (and also QAssure as you now need a QAssure number before you can gain GITC) and it does make dealing with government much, much easier.

However there are some exceptions to the GITC contract and an agency can elect to use a non-GITC contract, I do you warn you that this is a difficult path to go down as depending on who you are speaking with in a department they may not be familiar with this and I suggest you refer them to the link I have included and please make sure you meet the criteria before pushing the non GITC path. The non-GITC General Contract Conditions template ( see Policy Requirement point 2) is a simplified means by which to engage in the provision of low risk services for ICT contracts up to $1 million. The General Contract Conditions template is available on the Department of Housing and Public Works website and its use is at the discretion of the department themselves. Please note though if they are procuring off an existing Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) the agreed SOA Conditions and Customer Contract Template must be used.

My next post on this subject will discuss how SME’s can best sell their ICT services and products to Queensland Government. Did you know all agencies must apply the ICT SME Participation Scheme when procuring ICT products and services?

Also a quick note, Queensland Government are currently reviewing the GITC framework to try and make dealing with government easier. If you are interested in the review you can see more information or if you are a member of an ICT association such as IT Queensland (merging into CCIQ), AIIA, ACS to name a few then I suggest contacting your association also.

CloudCtrl SixPivot QAssure CCIQ

Want to sell your ICT service or product to Qld Government?

I meet with a lot of Queensland businesses each day who are building awesome software products or provide awesome ICT services and I continue to get the same questions about how they sell into government. So I’ve decided to create a series of posts that explain the mechanics.

First and foremost you need QAssure accreditation. Via my role as the Chair of IT Queensland (we are currently merging IT Queensland into CCIQ) I am also on the QAssure committee. GITC is your next step and I’ll cover that in my next post.

QAssure is an online registration system that provides vendors with a unique number that ensures they are accredited and pre-qualified as a supplier for State Government ICT contracts. QAssure enables you to get the basics out of the way when dealing with government. QAssure asks for information in terms of your trading history and solvency as an organisations and things like worker compensations and indemnity insurance cover etc. It ultimately tells government that from a general operational, financial and insurance perspective you have things covered. It also means that you should not have to provide this information when tendering or supplying quotes to government as your QAssure number tells government procurement that you have the relevant cover and financial trading history.

There is a cost for QAssure accreditation which is currently $396 inc GST

If you are an information and communications technology (ICT) supplier and want to sell to government through the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) Framework you must:

hold industry accreditation (QAssure certification ( ))
be accredited under GITC ( ).
You can find more information here and here

QAssure FAQs here