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Cost optimisation valued as the biggest reason to use multi-cloud

The majority of businesses are opting to use multiple cloud services, with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud being the main 3 and as such we are seeing an increasing need to compare public cloud provider costs. In recent article Eric Blum, vice-president and chief technology officer of BMC, said “multi-cloud enables better cost optimisation because one cloud provider could have a lower price, compared to rivals, for one application but a higher one for another. From our survey, results revealed that 53% of UK respondents said they did not know how much their organisation were spending on cloud services, compared to 40% globally. The majority of global (80%) and UK (85%) respondents said they need new tools for cloud management. Additionally, 78% of global IT leaders are considering using AI as a solution for this, while the UK was 64%.”

Cloud Ctrl is a new solution at the forefront of cloud billing management and is the only truly “predictive” virtual resource optimization and cost management solution available. Our platform utilizes advanced data analytics and an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that tracks historical usage and trends for all types of virtual services. With this usage and trend data, the AI algorithms can accurately predict future costs for virtual services and help administrators optimize the deployment and usage of cloud services across any supported cloud provider. Our blueprint technology enabled through our Price Explorer feature allows you to easily compare providers.

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Online Training Course – Cloud Integration by Bill Chesnut

Online Cloud Integration Training

Held over two half days Monday 20 November 2017 and Tuesday 21 November 2017 between 9am and 1pm AEDT

This is a 1-day instructor-led course providing students with the knowledge and skills to use Azure API Management, Azure API Apps, Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps to build cloud based integration solutions. This course is conducted online over two half days as replicates the face to face experience with our highly talented Bill Chesnut taking you through each lesson and lab in real time and you can ask questions just as you would in a face to face instructor led classroom environment.

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Cloud Ctrl announces its AWS Reseller Module

Cloud Ctrl is excited to announce its AWS Reseller Module.  This module provides Partners and Distributors with the ability to manage AWS Subscriptions in the same manner as our Microsoft CSP agreement module.  This means that organisations can now consume/purchase an AWS agreement via Cloud Ctrl, and deliver these services to customers, while enabling mark up and margins management and access to billing information all from a single console.

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Cloud Ctrl & Report Builder

With the addition of ‘Report Builder’ organisations now have the ability to apply more advanced filters to the data presented within the system. This feature provides users the ability to filter data by, region, tag, product type different cloud subscriptions and much more, enabling users gain better insights into services running within the cloud quickly.

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